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Release Date:

April 30, 2015

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Build the deadliest spaceship and become the Top Commander in the Galaxy. Hand pick your crew to take into battle and gain an edge over your opponents. Battle your friends and strangers in intense real time multiplayer combat. Godspeed, Commander!


  • Command 10 ships from 4 different classes, the Trainee to the powerful Destroyer
  • Equip your spaceship with more than 50 components from 7 systems
  • Intense gem matching combat you can’t put down
  • Upgrade your spaceship to be more deadly. Personalize your spaceship with over 100 colors and textures
  • Create a custom character with over a trillion variations
  • Hire crew members with dozens of different abilities to fortify your strategy







Detailed Info

With intense, real time, cross-platform multiplayer combat, Godspeed Commander places players in control of their destiny as they customize spaceships, select weapons, hire crew and battle with friends or strangers across the galaxy. Godspeed Commander creates its signature multiplayer experience with inspiration from Sci-Fi, Action and Strategy genres and combat that is rooted in the platform’s successful Match-3 mechanic.

Godspeed Commander places players in a vibrant, randomly generated space where they battle with other players, climbing the ranks from Civilian to become the most deadly Commander in the galaxy. Players select from 10 ships to command in battle. Each ship has a grid that needs to be outfitted with weapons, a process left entirely up to the players discretion. They choose from 7 systems which are represented as gems on the combat matching board. Across the 7 system types, there are over 50 different items to choose from with varying shapes that fit together in different configurations, making each ship unique. As players make matches during combat, the weapons they have placed on their ship attack their opponent in real time.

Godspeed launches with 3 types of combat: Online Battles, Bounty Hunting and Facebook friend matches. An online battle pairs two players (with ships in the same class) against each other in combat. Players improve their rating winning online battles with the highest rated players displayed on the daily leaderboard. A Bounty Hunt is a solo match offline during which players compete against a computer. In addition to these two battle modes players can challenge their friends through Facebook in unranked combat. Each battle earns players Commander Credits (used to upgrade ships) and experience points (used to climb the ranks).

Players can select crew to take into battle and reinforce the ships they have built. Crew abilities range from adding blocks to the match board to the ability to reboot your opponent's board in the middle of combat. Selecting crew that compliment a specific ship will prove to be a rewarding strategy.

Further custom features include an avatar creation system with over a trillion combinations and the ability to write custom taglines to taunt your opponents during combat.

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Brian Tully

  • Programmer
  • Game Design

Bradley Wollman

  • Artist
  • Game Design

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